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Sister Suzie and The Right Band have been playing together 8 fantastic years this year! I feel so lucky we're as happy and as welcomed playing sit down jazz clubs to full on big party stages with our blend of my favourite flavours of roots music. I love to take our audiences on a musical journey and to feel something at our shows, a connection to the music, and be able to carry that with them when they leave.

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Crazy Summers!

It's all going on!

Word is our new album 'Honestly' will be out November 1st! Sign up for my mailing list to get first dibs on those hot tickets, we've the band coming over from Belgium to play and other surprises in store!

The highlights of the last couple of months have most definitely been Glastonbury which always kills me its such hard work but the very best fun, on the very best stage! Keep the pyramid, Rocket Lounge is where its at!... although I'd love a show in Avalon!

Word also is I created a clothing line, Sister Suzie Style. I'm adding a page here where I'll tell those who are interested all about it. 

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"Walking through the woods at Red Rooster Festival to arrive at the main stage I could see a huge crowd all cheering loudly, as I approached the stage I saw Sister Suzie in a sparkly red sequinned jumpsuit jiving away while her amazing band played - the energy that was coming from the stage was infectious... I along with the packed out main stage arena were all instant fans, transfixed to stay for the whole set. I thought right then and there if I'm ever having a party then this is the band Im booking! Sister Suzie has wonderful energy   - Stevie Smith CEO Americana Music Association UK 

Jazz in the park Dendermonde BE

Red Rooster Festival

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