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With her soul firmly locked in the blues, the essence of her song is in the roots of all great music. 

The last few years I came to the conclusion that I was not a musician at all but rather a performing artist, I say this because in all honesty music means nothing to me without people; I rarely listen to music alone and I'd much rather see someone play than hear an album. Music and people in the same room for me creates this sense of euphoria, every single heart beating faster and lifting up higher together, all at once, until you reach a place that you don't come back from for at least a few days, those that don't feel it would NEVER understand what this feels like, how can you explain that energy and power to people?  This is an addiction for me, my hairs stand on end just thinking about it. I realised recently after someone calling me a performer too that the word sounds fake, like my act is just an act and I don't relate to that either. I am the same off stage as I am on (albeit a little less animated when I'm gathering my energy back) and my music reflects this, its raw, honest, passionate and alive, and my body reacts naturally to that, no rehearsal. A friend told me today she thinks on stage is when I'm most myself, I kind of agree in the sense that I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing otherwise. 

"Walking through the woods at Red Rooster Festival to arrive at the main stage I could see a huge crowd all cheering loudly, as I approached the stage I saw Sister Suzie in a sparkly red sequinned jumpsuit jiving away while her amazing band played - the energy that was coming from the stage was infectious... I along with the packed out main stage arena were all instant fans, transfixed to stay for the whole set. I thought right then and there if I'm ever having a party then this is the band Im booking! Sister Suzie has wonderful energy   - Stevie Smith CEO Americana Music Association UK 

Jazz in the park Dendermonde

Glastonbury Rocket Lounge

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We are delighted to be able to have three, FREE, Frock Up Friday events in Hastings. Here you will have fun, listen to inspiring talks, experience the frock up Friday experience corner and hear a set from Sister Suzie. Come and see what we're all about and FROCK up in your best outfit on a Tuesday!

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