About Sister Suzie

Who is Sister Suzie? Well, Suzie hails from Northumberland’s wild and rural northern border, and has been bringing her natural downhome charm, undiluted, to southern climes for the last few years. 

It wasn’t until her love of classic blues and rhythm & blues was nurtured that Suzie found herself addicted to performing in front of a live audience. Her love of rockin’ music from before her time was kicked off by her Aunty Freda, who turned Suzie on to Elvis. That’s one conduit to the blues, but her full-on attachment to the sounds from the other side of the tracks came from a home town friend who played her some sides by Rufus Thomas. This would lead to her enthusiastically seeking the records of Memphis Minnie, Big Mama Thornton, Little Walter, Jimmy Reed, Robert Johnson, Rufus Thomas, Leadbelly and Elmore James to name a few. Her biggest idol soon became New Orleans Soul Queen, Irma Thomas. Which may have had more than a little to do with Suzie packing her bags and travelling to the Crescent City – where she has returned more than once since – and blowing her life savings! One thing Suzie has little of is regrets! 

So an itinerant life, working to pay for her music habit, led to her traveling around the UK until settling in the south – and finally cutting her first record. This happened in July 2016, when Suzie funded her own session, which included drummer Brian Nevill and Matt Jackson who have stuck by her ever since. Since then the band have together made a 7 inch single and cut a full album at Gizzard studio, pressed on both CD and vinyl. 

Suzie and The Right Band have travelled the country playing clubs and festivals including a five night stint in Glastonbury; they have played in France, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland and America to name a few and are looking forward to leaving a trail of happiness behind them in the future.