"Walking through the woods at Red Rooster Festival to arrive at the main stage I could see a huge crowd all cheering loudly, as I approached the stage I saw Sister Suzie in a sparkly red sequinned jumpsuit jiving away while her amazing band played - the energy that was coming from the stage was infectious... I, along with the packed out main stage arena were all instant fans, transfixed to stay for the whole set. I thought right then and there if I'm ever having a party then this is the band Im booking! Sister Suzie has wonderful energy and the set was a brilliant mix of blues/rockabilly/country/vintage joyfulness that demonstrates perfectly the breadth and history of what Americana music is made of"

- Stevie Smith CEO Americana Music Association UK

"On the outside stage, my highlight was Sister Suzie, a rocking and rolling blues singer, originally from Northumberland. She had the audience up on their feet and in the palm of her hand"

- The Crack magazine

Sister Suzie & The Right band

Sister Suzie, with her undiluted boisterous North East charm is going to take you on a musical journey you'll never forget. With Suzie's powerful vocals and magnetic presence, she and and her band will lift you up, shake you all around and drop you back down again leaving a gigantic smile on your face and leave you tapping your toes for days after the show. 

Serving up a selection of wild raucous rock and roll, high power rhythm and blues with a smooth injection of soul, together they grab the attention of every audience placed before them having been tried and tested across the UK, Europe and the US and some spectaular festivals like Red Rooster, Glastonbury and Switzerland's Davos, sounds good fest to name a few in 2022. 


Part of a three day festival, Sister Suzie plays on the Saturday at the end of the parade. Please take a look at the details on the website, its a really great roots festival close to my heart

£40 for a weekend ticket and £20 for saturday to include, 2 bands with parade, 2 bands in the afternoon, 2 in the evening and 2 DJs