Welcome to my new website!
Please have a browse through the site to see what we've been up to, there's so much to say about the last year or two that The Right Band and I have been working together and I've lost some blogs in the move.
Just this year I've been to Norway twice, Finland, Ireland, spent some time in America where I met Irma Thomas, did a guest spot at The Nashville Boogie and some recording with The Deltas in Sun Records. Most importantly though, The Right Band and I released an album 'Ain't No Lady!' with The Last Music Company! What an honour to have such a fantastic record label working with us, promoting and distributing our music worldwide! We will finish the year with a trip to Dublin to do a show with Big Joe Louis in November and unfortunately for you and I, a rest from live shows to allow me to finish my degree, then full steam ahead for next year!! phewie!! 
Thank you all for your incredible support up to this point, I am extremely grateful! It's a trip being able to do what you love the way you love it and give people a good time I tell ya!

Much love

Suzie xx.


Live at The Lord Nelson in Hastings, it's not often we get to play our locals and this is a real fun one to play! October 2018.

Album launch at The Troubadour London, this video speaks for itself!

Still a favourite, an oldie but a goodie - My Big Mistake.

Our first performance at Come Down Meet the Folks in Clerkenwell, London. The crowd didn't know what to expect and low and behold - they were beguiled! 2017.

During one of our wild nights of residency at Ain't Nothing But the Blues Bar in London. A wild crowd, great nights.


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