A rather late Happy New Year 

Hi there, I am getting worse at this update business. The start of 2021 has been a bit of a difficult one, we lost a friend and old band member Michael Paice, Mick was a really funny character, a sweet man who played sax and and blues harp with great passion, I am honoured to have known and worked with him, he had a massive impact on everyone he knew. Sadly our Eddie has left The Right Band, he has been with us since the beginning and an integral part of how our music sounds and the fun we have on stage and off, Eddie will be sorely missed. To top things off I've been hit with the blinkin corona virus! I was flabbergasted at how badly I got hit given that I am so physical in my every day life and eat and drink really well, it has knocked the wind right from my sails only beginning to get some strength back after 23 days...madness! Its not been a great start to the year at all!

Before I got sick I did do a live show as part of an evening called 6 Women singing created by Chad Strentz and Pete Ferrugia and I played with my friend Andy who is, along with his wife Bev, my support bubble here in the South, he did very well at being Matt Jackson for the evening and it was great fun. 

We also made this video, in actual fact I made my part of this video with my mobile on the very day that I caught the virus. Its a song I wrote on the way to Matts one day when we were making the duo album we made before christmas, I just love what it sounds like with full band on the go, its mad that our backdrops and outfits ended up matching - no, we didn't call each other ha ha ha ha. The duo album is really different, I love it, its melodic and has some really old songs on that Matt and I do as duo (I've added one to the blog), as well as soon we've wrote together for the band; it's called 'One for me Mam' or one for my mother in the queen's english ha ha. Made in Matts loft on a computer with nothing fancy I think its great, also for sale in our online store.


It's hard to seem optimistic, it's hard to be motivated, we've missed Mardi Gras, we're missing friends and family and dancing and music and all the rest of it but if we're well and can manage to stay positive we can prevail, after being so sick it has made me appreciate what we have, to have our health is incredible!  

Sending love to you, stay sane and well  

Suzie xxx

ps, I decided to make these scrapbook entries into blogs so we can interact a little :)

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