Outside of live performance work I've worked with some fantastic musicians on some inspiring projects; adding backing/duet vocals to albums; creating some phenomenal cinematic tracks; and collaborating in bringing songs together and to briefs. I love the process, I really enjoy getting to use my voice in different ways and use my creative song writing side without boundaries. 

Always up for more of this, if you'd like to work together, feel free to get in touch.  

The tracks below have been produced by my friend Isaac Nossel for cinematic purposes, he is genius! 

The track below I created with another fabulous producer, Jaco Prince. He had a brief for an upbeat, modern with a retro feel number for commercial use. He gave me a backing track and I've written the melody and lyrics, just before lockdown and not in studio for my part but Jaco did a fantastic job and its been used quite a bit on TV and such. Ha I've found a you tube video of it to share from what looks like the Polish version of friends.