Hi, well, 2020 is a bit of a washout BUT we did get to play together while the lockdown was lifted a few times thankfully. These videos are from The Country Soul Sessions, a special place for us and this a very special gig, I cant thanks the guys enough for having us. The Soul of a Man song is something I've done a couple of times with Matt  but never in this kind of setting and my nerves killed me but the spirit in people has been dying this year, the spirit and the soul and the music; this song means as much today as it does when it was written xx 

We've been lucky here in the South in the pandemic for lush weather and music being had outside. A few weeks ago we did a gig on the famous Hastings pier where so many greats played .. now including us! ha ha ha. We then made a film for an online streaming project that's been created to raise awareness of our creative South called Audiotrope. Thanks to the Hastings team for stepping in for this, we had such fun and I think Al busked for the first time in his life afterward, it was SUCH a great weekend! Man I can't live without this stuff x

Oh my goodness, I didn't even tell you about the video we made! I'm terrible! Man I had some serious mental issues through this year and I don't want to go into it too much but yeah, I couldn't even LISTEN to music I missed it so much. Anyway blah blah some virus blah... we made THIS!! well Matt did, i honestly think its the best lockdown video ever!! and that's purely because I got the gogo girls I always wanted :) hee hee.  You must plug in your headphones or my voice gets squashed though. I LOVE this. Enjoy xx


An evening with sister suzie

Man alive, this is actually the Fourth thing we did in two weeks but I have been to overcome to write about it, and ok, I admit, having way too much fun partying  overjoyed at being out there again. This is from one of our nights, 'An evening with' at The Stag Inn Hastings, I had a couple of really long interviews and these songs were wrapped in and around it. Its very naked playing without the band but this we have done this sort of thing a few times now and it makes for an interesting sound, I really like doing them. I hope you like it! eeek!

Like so many other people in the world and especially in this industry I've been feeling like the thing that I am alive for, for dancing, for singing, for being around people has been whipped away from me so have been feeling very lost. This video is from International Women's Day, an event created by our friends Aisha and Rosella which they called a Woman's Voice; there were a few different acts and artists, all women and all appreciating one another. That day was the last we day we got to play before this awful virus swept the world over, I actually cancelled a gig before the lockdown happened as I felt it too dangerous first of all to visit London, and I hadn't wanted to put my band in danger with them being fabulous 'seasoned musicians' ;)  

This song all ready had a special place in my heart, it's an Irma Thomas one of course and one I have posted here before I think, but this one was filmed at the show I just mentioned and right now it feels especially poignant.  I would sing it about live music right now, come back come back come back, I've had enough!!

Its been a month or so since we were locked down properly and I am only just feeling a little like myself and able to sing and lone dance in my living room, to top up my website and bring some normality back. 

Thanks for your patience and your help to those who have reached out to me on facebook and the like, the not working is hard, the not being around you is much harder, harder than anything I ever knew. 

I hope you're all keeping safe and feeling up more than you are down.  

I miss you xxx