Like so many other people in the world and especially in this industry I've been feeling like the thing that I am alive for, for dancing, for singing, for being around people has been whipped away from me so have been feeling very lost. This video is from International Women's Day, an event created by our friends Aisha and Rosella which they called a Woman's Voice; there were a few different acts and artists, all women and all appreciating one another. That day was the last we day we got to play before this awful virus swept the world over, I actually cancelled a gig before the lockdown happened as I felt it too dangerous first of all to visit London, and I hadn't wanted to put my band in danger with them being fabulous 'seasoned musicians' ;)  

This song all ready had a special place in my heart, it's an Irma Thomas one of course and one I have posted here before I think, but this one was filmed at the show I just mentioned and right now it feels especially poignant.  I would sing it about live music right now, come back come back come back, I've had enough!!

Its been a month or so since we were locked down properly and I am only just feeling a little like myself and able to sing and lone dance in my living room, to top up my website and bring some normality back. 

Thanks for your patience and your help to those who have reached out to me on facebook and the like, the not working is hard, the not being around you is much harder, harder than anything I ever knew. 

I hope you're all keeping safe and feeling up more than you are down.  

I miss you xxx


Well hasn't life gone completely mad?!! 

Before I make a separate post about the world's virus which you all know enough about, I will tell you about the exciting times we had in February, ha I'm only almost two months late this time. In particular we had a ball (that is Matt and I and some stand in Right men) at the Hastings Fat Tuesday acoustic tour. Hastings having it's own Mardi Gras was one of the reasons I had to move here - if you haven't been for this weekend you really ought to try it out, you've never seen sooooo many amazing bands play so many shows in one tiny town 400 x 15 minute gigs on the acoustic tour for example on a Saturday afternoon! Well done to the organisers Bob and Adam for creating a monumental showcase of local, alternative, New Orleanian and up and coming bands - and top of the bill names too.. great work!! I love it xxx

Next up, on actual Fat Tuesday we played The 100 Club! Man that place is so special, spine tingling really, if you didn't know about it before you really need to check and see who has graced that there stage. We've played a couple of times as support there but to be there in our own right and to have all of you there was just brilliant, we had such a great time... as you can see in this little clip of Cheese and Crackers! Ee it's so funny man, I have others to come but this is one just lifts me up and God knows we all need that right now! 

Hi, happy 708th day of January! It's a long one for most, its cold and long and like all of you I look forward to more sunshine. How ever, we had a great time playing in The Pizza Express in Soho, our Eddie got married, we had a great night at playing a private birthday party and Matt and I have been getting together to write and  jam and play for the Martin Luther King celebrations here in St Leonards. I really love how we work together. Look for your silver linings and knuckle down , that's January!

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you. I know I'm late, I've been home with my family in Northumberland, getting fatter and getting some of that unconditional love we all need to top up from time to time... and it was WONDERFUL! I understand I am a very, very lucky lass and will never take the family time for granted. I would like to use this space to thank everyone. 2019 has been challenging at times but has given me experiences I'd never have even dreamed of having; Finishing uni, an over whelming feat; visiting Memphis Minnie's grave; Playing Paris, The Netherlands, Nashville, New Orleans, Norway, Glastonbury, Lindisfarne, The Sage, Atomic, Leek Americana, The Rhythm Riot, from small pub to huge festival every gig has been terrific; to all the people I've met, musicians, bookers and friends alike I'm so very grateful to know you and to have partied with you; My little entourage of helpers that disguise them selves as friends, or is that the other way around? Ha ha ha I'm grateful and I love you; and lastly - even though I cheated on them a few times, and with some fine ass musicians too ;-) - nothing could compare to having a band like I have who have stuck by me constantly - a huge heartfelt thank you to you for your support, guidance and superb musicianship, I love you dearly 

Happy New Years everyone, may 2020 bring you peace and love and BOOGIE 

Suzie xxx


If you're ever in London on a Saturday afternoon wandering Portobello market and Notting Hill, make sure you head to Acklam village! It's a food market with a fabulous space that was once a cinema and now holds a bar and a stage and three different bands giving you incredible music in an incredible space. A real gem, I have seen the line ups for past weekends and cant believe I've not known about this place, its GREAT.... I shall shush now, GO TO Acklam Village ha ha ha ha ha