Then There was Belgium

we only went and made a record!

Oh lordy, what to say! I've a boat load of words and melodies in books and phone storage that act like a diary for me, and probably most people like me, and most don't turn into songs. These fine musicians right here have helped me to bring these stories to life with feels that I could never imagine. It's an album full of honesty, ha ha we laughed in the studio that it seems I'm either drunk sad or horny and what a title that would make ha ha.. no its not! I can't really say too much about it really butwe will be releasing hopefully end of August and have two dates pencilled in in the UK I'll shout about very soon!

Norway and Americana Music Association

Getting warmed up for spring!

We had such a great time being back together after I spent a January doing Hail Hail Rock and Roll theatre shows. We played Americana fest sharing the stage with some wicked artists, it was terrific! Then we flew off to the Jaeren blues club 10 year birthday party surrounded in blues lovers and snow... whats not to love? It was a great party thats for sure!


Nothing In Rambling

I'm so very happy to introduce this new project. Andy Twyman and I have known each other a while through music and had a mutual respect for one another, we've been brought together in our love of old authentic blues. Andy is an incredible little nimble fingered guitarist and after only playing one show we have so many wonderful opportunities, it's great to see this kind of music having a bit of a revival and to play with my good friend. Take a look in the Nothing In Rambling section in my site to see videos and contact info.   



On reflection last year was bloody mental! 
I feel so much gratitude to everyone and so so lucky to have met all you wonderful people. 
You saved me! I still don't know I'd be on that 58 week waiting list or whatever it was because my appointment to see the consultant kept being moved to past September... I don't like to think about it. 

There is so much trouble both here in the UK and across the world, so many people, families and communities in despair over greed and power it sickens me and here I am being looked after by all of you. I'm truly humbled.❤️

I try not to get emotional but when I think about January it overwhelms me how terrible it was and how absolutely grateful I am. Please don't take lady troubles lightly or anything else for that matter. I'm happy to chat about it if anyone's needs to message me xx

As soon as my 12 weeks recover time after my hysterectomy was up I was off, actually I played the fantastic Goezot! Festival at week 10 🙈😁and then I know I did too much too soon and wrecked my body and voice but hey, I had 6 months of sickness to catch up on 😬😊. Highlights Jazz Davos Klosters Switzerland, Hookrock Diepenbeek Belgium, The Deluxe Diner & Rocket Lounge/Glastonbury festival/Shangri-la field ❤️ Boomtown FairJamboree and Banana Peel BLUES&Jazz to name only a few.
I couldn't be more grateful to everyone who helped me get back on the road and behind the mic; to all the people who booked us for festivals, private parties and who bought tickets to shows; to all the folks who danced and sang along with us and made our shows so special (especially the first ever crowd surf in Missy Sippy Ghent); and to all the supersonic musicians I have been lucky enough to work with, I know I'm incredibly lucky indeed. 

Sorry for the long post, its been a big year. 

Love to all of you, may your next year be filled with love and respect for yourself and everyone around you, a little compassion goes a long long way ❤️❤️❤️

Suzie xxx

Well, my last message I wrote while still in recovery was incoherent to say the least ha ha I was in such a mess, I've had to amend a little. Time has been so short! I have to give huge thanks and praise again to everyone of you who helped me get on my feet after a treacherous beginning to my year where I was disabled with uterine fibroids. I was broken and you all fixed me and I'll never forget that. For six months I thought I'd never be singing or dancing or even laughing ever again but boy oh boy, once my twelve weeks were up I let rip! 

Belgium, Glastonbury, Switzerland, Boomtown, Ascot, Spain, NORTHUMBERLAND to name a few, from pubs and beautiful private parties to massive festivals and indeed being part of the team that creates our own Frock Up Friday Festival, my last four months feels extraordinarily long and exciting and its all because of you! I've joined a Rock and Roll theatre show too which starts in January which is both exciting and nerve wracking ha. I have another project too which Is a wonderful acoustic blues duo/combo with my friend Mick Knight, here I can indulge myself deep in the blues which thrills me. We are just about to record an album and are available for bookings from festivals to clubs and house parties. 

Lastly, the band and I are coming together this weekend and starting to work on my next long awaited album! I've been ill for quite some time without knowing about it so my creative brain has been suppressed, but I'm feeling alive and kicking and ready! I'm really excited to see what we come out with.

Oh, PS, in three weeks, the 12th of November will be our first time back in London this year, it feels a bit monumental for me. I hope you can join us for a jolly good knees up on an early Sunday show.

Lots of love

Suzie xx