The Dublin castle

october 2019

Man, that was one of those that put tears in my eyes. The show was magic, we had Brian back in the chair and everything could not be more perfect on that stage: sorry to everyone else but this lass is the luckiest girl in the world... or at least I was for that there hour on stage! The Right Band blewmy socks off!

Thanks to EVERYONE who came to see us from all over the place! I mean a lot of people made a real effort to get to Camden that sunday afternoon, I'm truly grateful and glad we all got to hang out a while afterward. 

It's an iconic space, I've seen a couple of gigs in there and was thrilled to be able to create the atmosphere that I'd experienced for everyone else. Bravo everyone bravo..

Thanks for the party xxx

We LOVE playing The Bear Club in Luton. Only a day after landing from the states we took the long haul up to Luton to perform at this fantastic venue: the sound, atmosphere, audience and beer selection is fabulous... it was our second time and hope it wont be the last! Go there go there go there!!!

And then I was banging around America again cheating on my band! If ever there were people I'd cheat on them with it would be these guys though, Jittery Jack made the plans and legendary Amy Griffin lead the bands..... like a legend! It's difficult playing with people you never worked with but the musicianship of the bands they put together for me was outstanding and I'll be forever grateful that our shows in Boston and New York went so well! What a trip! I stayed in Manchester by the Sea MA then Staten Island with the beautiful family of Tom Ferrie for the remainder of the trip, I feel very privileged  to have been able to do this trip and to be received so well on my first trip to the East Coast.

Thank You xx

Thanks to Gavin Bowyer x

Thanks to Gavin Bowyer x

Life flies past at an incredible rate and once again I've been lost in a whirlwind. Leek blues and Americana festival was a fantastic highlight to the beginning of this month, a treasure of a little town with a big blues music fan club, what a party! I was given a piece of original art by Gavin Bowyer and I just love it! I played washboard for Elvis Fontenot Cajun band and sat in with The Son of Dave and others at the end of day jam session... I hope we return to Leek for sure!

August, what to say about August? I need a holiday that's what! I had a busy time personally with my friend being here from New Orleans for the first part, it was always going to be a mad month having started so crazily. I went to Ireland and sang with The amazing Revolutionaires and myself and The Right Band supported The phenomenal Stargazers in THE 100 CLUB, what an honour with such great guys in such a special venue, thank you fellas! The best bit though I'm not afraid to say, was being able to go home and play Lindisfarne festival and then The Brewery Tap in Gateshead; I seen so many people I've known for a long long time, it made it all so very special AND I could use my accent between songs to its full strength and probably causing much confusion to the rest of the band ha ha ha ha …… what a trip!!

I did forget my dress at Lindisfarne strangely, so did the gig in my boilersuit, a clip here almost grabs the energy we had there though, it was fantastic!!

Yup, I'm useless, I'm heavy and tired and partied out. July seen; my playing with Boz and Lyn Boorer, Chad Strentz, sweet Brian, Jittery Jack and Miss Amy at Jester fest very exciting!; a family wedding and my birthday; My GRADUATION! and graduation party gig, which  was one of the best shows I ever played EVER I simply love Hastings and how much energy they have for our music; I got to play The Summertyne Americana festival at The Sage on the bank of the river Tyne which was so fantastic, I could speak with full slang and accent and be understood ha ha ha, and a dance hall in Wallsend right next to where I lived last before I came south which was  made me surprisingly emotional; We had a great time at Atomic vintage festival too and a very lovely Sunday in a the countryside to contrast the madness.  

See some pictures from the shows we did are in my gallery but for this post I would like to share a video my friend Bruce Barlow took at Summertyne, it's an original song from our album 'Ain't No Lady' and we don't have alive clip of this as yet so thank you Bruce (all though you could have climbed some ladders to get a better angle ;) ) xx