Hi everyone, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you. I know I'm late, I've been home with my family in Northumberland, getting fatter and getting some of that unconditional love we all need to top up from time to time... and it was WONDERFUL! I understand I am a very, very lucky lass and will never take the family time for granted. I would like to use this space to thank everyone. 2019 has been challenging at times but has given me experiences I'd never have even dreamed of having; Finishing uni, an over whelming feat; visiting Memphis Minnie's grave; Playing Paris, The Netherlands, Nashville, New Orleans, Norway, Glastonbury, Lindisfarne, The Sage, Atomic, Leek Americana, The Rhythm Riot, from small pub to huge festival every gig has been terrific; to all the people I've met, musicians, bookers and friends alike I'm so very grateful to know you and to have partied with you; My little entourage of helpers that disguise them selves as friends, or is that the other way around? Ha ha ha I'm grateful and I love you; and lastly - even though I cheated on them a few times, and with some fine ass musicians too ;-) - nothing could compare to having a band like I have who have stuck by me constantly - a huge heartfelt thank you to you for your support, guidance and superb musicianship, I love you dearly 

Happy New Years everyone, may 2020 bring you peace and love and BOOGIE 

Suzie xxx


If you're ever in London on a Saturday afternoon wandering Portobello market and Notting Hill, make sure you head to Acklam village! It's a food market with a fabulous space that was once a cinema and now holds a bar and a stage and three different bands giving you incredible music in an incredible space. A real gem, I have seen the line ups for past weekends and cant believe I've not known about this place, its GREAT.... I shall shush now, GO TO Acklam Village ha ha ha ha ha

Sunday night at The Rhythm Riot was a treat and a half; I got to sing as part of the all star Ruth Brown tribute with Shanda (&the Howlers) Tammi Savoy, Miss Lily Moe and Lil Miss Mary. Backed by the Geordie fellas The Revolutionaires and the Velvet Candles we had a blast working together, a truly magical experience! 

Thanks to CU Photography for this image

Thanks to CU Photography for this image

November seen us play a festival I have been attending for a few years as a punter, The Rhythm Riot. I had always said that if I was to play it I would like to play The Queen Vic which is a bar in the venue as opposed to the main stage in the ballroom as the audience are so close and I love those intimate gigs, we did, and I loved every moment. I had the flu so it was a struggle and I had to leave my friends for the weekend without seeing any shows BUT it was a great gig and a cherry on the cake having my friend Jim Hammond on keys for us. The fellas were on fine form and there were smiles all around! 

The Dublin castle

october 2019

Man, that was one of those that put tears in my eyes. The show was magic, we had Brian back in the chair and everything could not be more perfect on that stage: sorry to everyone else but this lass is the luckiest girl in the world... or at least I was for that there hour on stage! The Right Band blewmy socks off!

Thanks to EVERYONE who came to see us from all over the place! I mean a lot of people made a real effort to get to Camden that sunday afternoon, I'm truly grateful and glad we all got to hang out a while afterward. 

It's an iconic space, I've seen a couple of gigs in there and was thrilled to be able to create the atmosphere that I'd experienced for everyone else. Bravo everyone bravo..

Thanks for the party xxx