Hi everyone, I hope you had a very merry Christmas, gained lots of weight and are getting to the point where you're desperate for the new year and normality to return... I know that's how I feel! I'm ever so glad we took a break too as I managed to catch the lurgy from my family on my visit home. I've compiled this montage of photos of our phenomenal year running alongside our version of Stop These Teardrops by Miss Lavell from our album Ain't No Lady. I've never been more thankful to be surrounded by such a great bunch of people making music and to have you enjoy is the cherry on the cake. Happy new year everyone.

Suzie xx

Welcome to my new website!
Please have a browse through the site to see what we've been up to, there's so much to say about the last year or two that The Right Band and I have been working together and I've lost some blogs in the move.
Just this year I've been to Norway twice, Finland, Ireland, spent some time in America where I met Irma Thomas, did a guest spot at The Nashville Boogie and some recording with The Deltas in Sun Records. Most importantly though, The Right Band and I released an album 'Ain't No Lady!' with The Last Music Company! What an honour to have such a fantastic record label working with us, promoting and distributing our music worldwide! We will finish the year with a trip to Dublin to do a show with Big Joe Louis in November and unfortunately for you and I, a rest from live shows to allow me to finish my degree, then full steam ahead for next year!! phewie!! 
Thank you all for your incredible support up to this point, I am extremely grateful! It's a trip being able to do what you love the way you love it and give people a good time I tell ya!

Much love

Suzie xx.


Live at The Lord Nelson in Hastings, it's not often we get to play our locals and this is a real fun one to play! October 2018.

Album launch at The Troubadour London, this video speaks for itself!

Still a favourite, an oldie but a goodie - My Big Mistake.